Keya lemon detergent powder

mishe ache protiti poribar e nishartho momotay!

Keya lemon detergent powder

Ultrafresh with advanced formulation with Lemon freshness and Active clean

Keya lemon detergent powder enriched with advanced formula and ultra power which keeps your clothes cleaner and brighter. It lemon freshness fragrance freshen your cloths and spread nice aroma for long time. It dissolves quickly with water and actively cleans with color care.

Available In

Size Price
1kg 80.00
500gm 42.00
200gm 18.00
30gm 3.00


One handful of Keya lemon detergent powder is enough for half a bucket. Use warm water for effective function.


  • Concentrated- Less consumption
  • Water saving function
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Easy to rinse