Keya White plus detergent powder

Best washing experience…. (nimishey darun shada)

Keya White plus detergent powder

Enriched with enzymes for optic white and strong stain removal

Keya white plus detergent powder is highly infused with enriched with enzymes which helps to keep your clothes cleaner, whiter, brighter and safer. The enriched enzymes along with the red, blue and orange speckles used in the detergent helps to remove toughest stains and dirt, say dirt from Blood, Milk, Coffee. It has Stain Bleaching Agent - to remove the spots of ketchup, paan, kattha, curry etc.

Available In

Size Price
1000gm 120.00
500gm 60.00
200gm 25.00
22gm 3.00


  • 3 spoons for half a bucket (8ltr)
  • 90 gm for washing machine

For best washing experience use warm water.


  • Powerful ingredient like enzyme to draw out hard stain without hampering the fiber of the cloths. Concentrated- Less consumption
  • Water Softners- checks the hardness of water and increases the foaming.
  • Anti-redeposition layer - prevents the dirt from re-appearing.
  • Colour Guard - protects the colour of clothes from fading.
  • Pleasant Fragrance
  • Gentle to hands
  • Quick solubility in cold water formula