Super excel

All out action!

Super excel

Stain out, Germ out, Odor out

Super excel detergent powder removes hard stains from your clothes with less effort. it offers outstanding performance with all out action that remove hard stains, germs and mal odor. It does not have any kind of bleach to destroy original color and health of fiber. Its fiber care technology keeps the clothes more vibrant from wash to wash. With its powerful stain lifting formula removes stains without hampering the fiber’s life.

Available in

Size Price
500gm 90.00
180gm 37.00
20gm 4.00


Super stain removal tips!!!
  • Act fast and rinse stains in cold water before they have a chance to set.
  • Do not rub stains as rubbing may push the stain further into the fabric.
  • Avoid hot water on an unknown stain - hot water sets many stains.
Instructions to wash: Handwash

Half load-2 to 3 spoons

Full load-3 to 5 spoons

Machine wash

Half load-4 to 5 spoons

Full load-6 to 7 spoons


  • Optical Brightening Agent - gives a gentle wash
  • Anti-redeposition layer - prevents the dirt from re-appearing.
  • Germ Killing Power – Anti-bacterial formula eliminates germs that cause unpleasant odor and prevents musty smell that arises usually from indoor drying and clothes not dried completely on rainy days.